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I’m not just a guy in a suit explaining the fastest way to build wealth and make millions. I’m actively using this blueprint to grow my wealth…and I want to help YOU do the same.

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Damon Woodward

How a former miner without a college education learned to flip houses and develop a portfolio of 78 properties (and growing).

Damon Woodward is the CEO of both Leadway Holdings Ltd and Blackcard Elite Academy Ltd (BlackCard University).

He also has several other companies that hold property and various assets, contributing to his status as one of the leading voices on North American real estate and house flipping.

Although Damon Woodward is a professional real estate investor he is widely respected as a man of many talents; known as a deal maker and specializing in putting money and people together, Damon creates amazing real estate deals that realize high returns for himself and his partners.

Over the last 12 months, Damon Woodward has completed 12 real estate acquisitions with his companies, with an overall portfolio of 78 properties across long term passive income and short term wealth creation.

Damon has a simple philosophy when it comes to building long term wealth and that is to focus first on an active skill like flipping properties. He believes it’s always more beneficial to acquire SKILLS before buying buildings to hold.

“When you learn how to raise capital, negotiate and sell, magical things happen”


Damon Woodward is a respected and sought after real estate investor and deal maker known for putting money and people together.

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A former miner, controlling production for a $500 million Copper Mine, without a college education, learned to flip houses and make $60,000 on his first deal.
Imagine how successful your house flipping career will be when you’re working with a pre-existing and profitable framework?
Watch Damon Woodward’s latest video training to discover his 2021 real estate flipping tips.
Learn how to flip properties and develop active income necessary to scale your own real estate business anywhere in North America.


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“Damon’s attitude to real estate is unique in that he doesn’t sell you a dream, but a practical step-by-step system that starts with flipping houses and leverages that money to build wealth sustainably. It’s not like the other real estate courses or opportunities on the market and that’s exactly why it’s so unique and so successful”

Anna LaMorne

“I honestly thought my goal of entering the property market had been torpedoed after covid. Finding Damon’s system and realizing my window was still 100% open was an absolute thrill. I’ve been learning from Damon for several years and I couldn’t think of a better mind to follow when it comes to Canada’s real estate game”

Eliott Movenchy

“I went from thinking ‘passive income’ was another property buzzword to seeing how attainable it really is. Big fan of Damon’s strategies but more importantly his mindset. He doesn’t preach, he leads by example and if you’re not following his every word then what the heck ARE you doing with your time?”

Donovan Murphy

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We are experiencing *rapid* growth month over month. To take advantage of the current property climate we are purchasing more properties to flip and are looking for investors to grow with us. If you are interested in becoming an investing partner click the link below to get in contact with Damon’s team.

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