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Damon Woodward

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Who is

Damon Woodward


Real Estate Investor

78 owned properties in a booming portfolio. With rapid growth month-on-month, Damon focuses on flipping houses to raise capital for long term holds and passive income.

CEO of BlackCard University

Trained under global real estate expert Stefan Aarnio and current CEO of BlackCard U – the #1 real estate training company in the country.

High Ticket Salesman

Multiple six-figure commission earnings per year provide Damon with the necessary capital to launch a successful real estate business no matter how the market is performing.

If You’re Not Going to Read All of This…

Don’t Read Any of It

If you’re interested in a shortcut to wealth, I can’t help you. Still here? Good.

Then you know you’ll rarely exceed the quality of the people around you and that growing wealth through real estate isn’t a pipe dream accessible to 1% of people blessed with advantages. Anyone is capable of becoming a successful real estate investor given the right tools.

Don’t believe me?

I was living in Government controlled housing at 14, receiving Federal funding just to finish school. Without role models or rules I drifted in and out of schools, and without a college degree I moved from job to job, doing whatever I could to hustle up a paycheck.

That’s the American Dream, right? What if I told you the American Dream is dead. Money is printed at a rate so alarming it’s decreased YOUR purchasing power by 90% in the last 50 years. Earning a decent living in a 9-5 is becoming more and more challenging – and that’s why you’re here.

But You’ll Never Be Successful in Real Estate Without This ONE Skill

Everyone wants to flip houses. Everyone wants to grow their portfolio and develop a passive income stream. But less than 1% of you reading this will.

    Because you don’t know how to negotiate.

    There is no money in real estate. The TRUE value comes from your ability to negotiate.

    • How much can you buy a property for?
    • How much can you sell a property for?

    This is the most important skill you will ever learn

    As my mentor and the original millionaire maker, Stefan Aarnio, said, “We are all born negotiators.” You’ve already got the tools you need to be successful.

    Investing in real estate has been my path to wealth with an average of 5 homes purchased monthly to flip or hold as rentals. Following my own proven framework I identify homes below market price and sell them for profit, while accounting for market variables and avoiding the pitfalls that swallow amateur investors.

    Which is why you’re here today. If you’re ready to grow your wealth, I want to connect with YOU as a teacher and investment partner. If you’re ready to learn the skills of successful real estate investing, click below.